★★★  Hello and welcome to this year's »Thanks-and-I-love-you-all-video«!

With these cool and fresh 5 minutes I want to wish all of you a wonderful last few days of the year and - most of all - a peaceful 2016. I'd like to hug all my friends and want to say »Danke schön!« to my customers (and give them a hug as well) and everybody else I could help out with some creative ideas during the last 12 months.

I filmed this video some weeks ago just a few hundred meters from my home. Those of you living around Augsburg will recall the weeks preceding Christmas as 99% free of snow. That's perfectly true – except for those 2 1/2 hours on the morning of Nov. 28, which luckily happened to be a Saturday. Then, before noon, the wind picked up with the temperature climbing well above freezing point and the tenuous layer of white crystals quickly melted away. I had to rush, shifted the tripods around and did my little »acting« in a hurry, but couldn't get quite all the shots I intended to. Still I hope very much that you'll like the result. Please enjoy and share!

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